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Biotech Bathroom Cleaner is designed as an aid to clean, sanitise, and deodorise bathrooms, keeping them fresh. Our specialised bio-enzymatic formula contains good bacteria (probiotics) which eliminates organic waste, reduces odour, and cleans soiled areas.

Our product is perfect for those times when you don’t really need to flush, and saving water is at the top of your “to-do” list. Just use a couple of sprays of our Bathroom Cleaner and let the yellow mellow without the smell or the germs.

The Biotech Bathroom Cleaner produces seven separate enzymes to ensure your bugs and organic materials are demolished, leaving surfaces that are biologically cleaned. With our product, cracks, crevices, and pores are penetrated, removing the harmful organics and bad bacteria that accumulate there.

Biotech Bathroom Cleaner

  • A natural citrus fragrance in an easy-to-hold, 500ml foaming spray bottle.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Penetrates cracks, crevices and pores of surfaces, removing the organics
    • Leaves a visually cleaner surface
    • Provides long-term odour control by removing the organics that cause odours and preventing their return
    • Safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
    • Soft Water: <94%
    • Bacillus Subtillus Bacteria: <5%

    Bacillus consortium produces the following enzymes:

    • Protease – breaks down proteins (e.g. meat, excreted/secreted proteins) in amino acids.
    • Lipase – breaks down fats/grease in fatty acids and glycerol.
    • Amylase – starch acts as a glue for dirt – amylases catalyse the breakdown of starch in sugars which are then further used as a food source by the bacillus.
    • Cellulase – breaks down cellulosic material.
    • Urease – catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea in break-down products.
    • Esterase – splits esters into acid and alcohol in a chemical reaction with water called hydrolysis. Esters have characteristic odours most of which are pleasant/fruity, however can also include onion/garlic and worse odours.
    • Xylanase – helps in breaking down plant cell walls.

    What this means – the bacillus use the multitude of enzymes produced to break down the components of malodour and staining to provide microbial cleaning at the smallest level of dirt/contamination naturally.

    Plant-based surfactants

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