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Odorite™ Ultra All Surface Kitchen Cleaner is a triple-action cleaning technology that provides superior, immediate cleaning of surface soils, comparable to industrial-strength floor cleaners and surface cleaners. Our product removes grime with dual technology unequalled by traditional surfactant chemistry. It combines superior plant-based surfactant technology with bio-enzymatic action. The enzymes contained within Odorite™ Ultra All Surface Kitchen Cleaner work to break down fats, oils, and grease, while also breaking down starches which act as a glue (bio-film), trapping dirt and other organics on the surfaces. This powerful combination provides exceptional ability to break down residual organic soils.

Our product is an SABS 1828 Certified Food Safe Cleaner, making it safe for use in food processing areas and all food contact surfaces. Regular use of Odorite™ Ultra All Surface Kitchen Cleaner removes layer upon layer of embedded grime, while avoiding the traditional challenge of increasing CFU counts on food contact surfaces by means of bacterial cleaning. Continued use prevents future build-up of organic soil and grime, keeping the floor truly deep-clean, odour-free, and controlling potentially harmful microorganisms.

Odorite Ultra All Surface Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate

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