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Odorite™ Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is a powerful solution that fights tough grease and delivers squeaky-clean dishes. Our product contains no phosphates, has less surfactants, and is powered by enzymes that prevent fat, oil, and grease build-up in the drain. Three active enzymes penetrate the toughest greasy, burnt-on food soils, leaving dishes squeaky clean. Our product is planet, human, and pet friendly, making it a great choice for anyone looking for an environmentally-positive cleaner.

Our product is fortified with three enzymes that remove 100% animal fats, vegetable oils, and grease, burnt-on stains, protein residues from eggs and rice, and carbohydrate stains.

Odorite Ultra Auto Dish Wash 500 ml

  • Preparation and Directions for use

    Simply add 5ml dishwashing liquid into the dish was liquid tray, set machine to the required wash setting . Maximum temperature 45 0 C.

    Safety and Storage

    As with all cleaning products, do not ingest, wear gloves if submersing hands for long periods of time. Wash hands after each use. If an irritation occurs, seek medical attention and if discomfort continues. Please keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of pathways to avoid accidental spillage – store away from food stuff.

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