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Odorite™ Probio WSP Enzymatic Powder is a triple-action cleaning technology that provides superior, immediate cleaning of all surface soils, comparable to industrial-strength conventional chemical cleaners. The advanced single-dose formulation technology removes greasy soils and penetrates deep into the surface’s pores to attack and remove embedded residual soils and eliminate the biofilm matrix. It is ideal for food preparation areas. Aerosolized grease and food spills collect particulate soils contributing to grime build-up on floors and other surfaces. Residual organics collect in the microscopic pores of the surface, cracks, corners, and grout. Floors are not clean if these embedded soils remain, and detergents alone cannot penetrate these layers of residual grime. The organic deposits pack deep into surface irregularities, producing malodours and supporting unwanted biofilm, insects, and harmful bacteria. Odorite™ Probio WSP Enzymatic Powder removes this grime with dual technology unequalled by traditional surfactant chemistry. It combines superior surfactant technology with bio-enzymatic action. The enzymes within Odorite™ Probio WSP Enzymatic Powder break down fats, oils, and grease, while also breaking down starches which act as a glue, trapping dirt and other organics on the surfaces. This powerful combination provides an exceptional ability to break down residual organic soils. Regular use of Odorite™ Probio WSP Enzymatic Powder removes layer upon layer of embedded grime while avoiding the traditional challenge of increasing CFU counts on food contact surfaces using bacterial cleaning. Continued use prevents future organic soil and grime build-up, keeping the floor deep-clean and odour-free and controlling potentially harmful microorganisms and biofilm. Odorite™ Probio WSP Enzymatic Powder is Global GreenTag eco-certified and classified as non-asthma and non-allergy sensitive. It is also planet, human, and pet friendly

Odorite Probio Enzymatic WSP – Green (Kitchen Areas)

  • Recommended dilution directions for concentrate:

    • Odorite™ Probio WSP Enzymatic Powder can be diluted for various applications.
    • For intense deep cleaning purposes, it is recommended to dilute 1 Sachet Odorite™ Probio WSP Enzymatic Powder added to 1-liter water.
    • The mixing solution is a guideline dependent on the required application and your evaluation of the dirt to be cleaned.
    • The recommended dilution for general maintenance cleaning is one sachet of 10-liter water.
    • Allow a few minutes for activation time / and to dissolve.
    • You are now good to go and clean.
    • Your standard disinfection/sterilization regime will be followed once the surfaces have been manually cleaned


    Safety and Storage

    As with all cleaning products, do not ingest, and wear gloves if submerging hands for long periods. Wash hands after each use. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention, and if discomfort continues. Please keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of pathways to avoid accidental spillage – store away from foodstuff.

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